Resume or CV Sample Templates


The Graduate

Little or no Work Experience

Fresh out of university and entering the workforce. Armed with guidance from the University careers centre, your parents and your own research. Use all of your internships and work experience to date to showcase your interest in your chosen career path. Highlight any extra-curricular activities that give an insight into your personality away from academia.

young professional

The Young Professional

2-5 Years Work Experience

High energy and focused. With a few years of work experience under your belt, you are likely no longer the baby of the business. The challenge here is that in order to step up and take on the responsibility you likely crave, you need to show that in your short career span, you have developed the qualities and attributes that demonstrate your future star potential.

rising star

The Rising Star

5-10 Years Work Experience

Talented and Determined. You have experienced enough different situations and made enough mistakes by now to have gained a solid grasp of what it takes to succeed in your profession. The training you have taken, means you are confident in your technical skillset and you can now focus on enhancing some of the softer skills that will take your career to the next level.


The Specialist

10 Years+ Work Experience and Happy with Career Path

A Master of Your Domain. Congratulations, you have navigated the choppy career waters like a seasoned pro. You have experienced individual and team successes and failures, gained an in-depth understanding of your industry and have likely had at least some leadership responsibility.


The Ballerina

10 Years+ Work Experience and Hoping to Change Career Path

Better late than never. It might have taken you a while to realise it, but pivoting your career can be a very courageous and positive thing to do. Your challenge is to show that your career date has not been a waste of time. Far from it – you have been acquiring valuable transferable skills which can be directly applied to your new career choice.

big cheese

The Big Cheese

20 Years+ Work Experience

You are close to or at the top of your game. The achievements you have made over the course of your career have likely landed you in a key strategic role where your business acumen and leadership abilities have been utilised. Your focus is fixed on the C-Suite either in your current company or elsewhere.